Video Diary Short

Well, that was fun. I'm done. Not only shooting it but editing it as well. The rough cut was done just as my primal need to create. It was a great start. But a dry run like that made it easy to nail it today. Different location and actually using lights (LOL) didn't slow down the process at all.

I'm exporting it now!

Short Film

I've recently been passing around a quickly shot short (Video Diary) and I've been getting great feedback, so I'll head into the re-shoot tomorrow. I did it initially just, well, to do something, so it was done on impulse. It is very raw, which some have suggested makes sense with this character. And it does if it were only to be shown on a small screen.

But I'm thinking of submitting it to some festivals now, so I've got to tighten it up a bit.

It's a process. A fun process.

Free Association

2-21-10 1:54 AM

North by Northwest
Nip Tuck and Damages
There's something wrong with me
Who sang that Albert Hammond?
Would have been better by John Hammond
With his folksy touch of blues
Maybe Albert Brooks instead
I know he doesn't sing
But wry irony is somehow missing
Wait a minute, it wasn't Albert Hammond
He just wanted to let it rain
Not in any Clapton sort of way
Just in Southern California
I hope it rains here
I'm sick of this winter's snow
Another storm is coming up from the southwest
Dragging warm air from the Gulf
Through Texas and...
The song was sung by Austin Roberts
He also did the music for Jose and the Pussycats
Confirming that there really is
Something wrong with him
I bet he sleeps

Head Exploding Blog

I've finally posted a new blog on another outpatient clinic.

What do the Catholic Church, Roman Polanski, Martin Scorsese, Shutter Island, the UN and Nova Scotia have in common? Need more hints? 

How about  Woody Allen, Whoopi and St Mary's in Uxbridge?


Give it a read and find out.

And watch my head explode.

Cool News

I got an email yesterday from Dr. Nancy C. Lee, a Professor at Elmhurst College in Chicago, asking if she could use my poem "Mourning Song" in, as she said -

"...a book I have written to be published really soon--Lyrics of Lament: From Tragedy to Transformation (Fortress Press). The book will be for a general/popular international audience as well as for university teachers and students; it will also have a companion website that posts links of the performance of some poems and songs. The book will include a survey of ‘laments’ (poems, prayers,and songs) from voices across cultures (ancient and contemporary) and from contexts of suffering around the world, as well as from the Abrahamic traditions' sacred texts. The aim of the book is as much as possible to bring all these voices together under one canopy, to show both their common ground and distinctive contributions."

Of course I said yes, to which she replied -

"Thank you so much; your poem will be such an important addition to the book.  I have very few poems/lyrics in the book related to 9/11 simply due to space issues and selectivity, but another will be Bruce Springsteen's "My City of Ruins" which came to be adopted for the sufferings, which his office also just gave permission to quote."

Yep, me and Bruce.

Honestly, I'm a bit overwhelmed.

Fertile Times

After reading Tony  - radioactiveart   - Brown's "Monster" poem post I started to think about how this is a fertile creative time for me as well.

I will begin the final stages of post production of my first short "They Serve Breakfast Here All Day Long" next Monday.

I am in pre-production of the next short "Mail" which I hope to film in September. I'm happy to say that Trudi Goodman had signed on. She was recently seen in "Gone Baby Gone" I've connected with the very talented David Garfield to be the DP. I am excited about that. His feature length film "The Suitcase" opens in July.

I am also in pre-production of a web series I hope to start filming in July. It is a straight out comedy, just because I needed to. I am very happy that theryk has joined the cast. He is going to be a slam poet. No kidding. Would that be type casting? No, because Ryk is actually good.

And I've been meeting with a producer who wants to bring back my one man show and bring it to new heights! Woo hoo.

Not to mention the good creative energy boost I am recieving from all moviegoers who see me running Or being dragged,  across the screen for half a second in Martin Scorsese's  "Shutter Island" trailer.

Would this be type casting? I'm thinking yes. This is a much better example.

Hey, life's good.

I'm grateful.


I'm working the Adam Sandler movie this week. Strictly background work... So far.
In the scene today were Adam Sandler, Chris Rock, Kevin James, David Spade, Rob Schneider, Norm MacDonald, Colin Quinn, Salma Hayek and Maya Rudolph.
What an interesting group to watch.